Seize the winter

Seize the winter

Do you have an “absolute zero”, i.e. a temperature at which you think it is too cold to even stick your nose outside the door? Most of us do. But we think you can handle temperatures that are much lower – and we take the position that almost anyone can learn to enjoy even extremely cold temperatures.

Nature is seldom as magnificent as it is in really cold temperatures. It is as if all forms of life take a time-out when the thermometer creeps below -25 degrees celsius. Just breathing is an exercise in complete concentration. The snow crunches with every step, and the senses are sharpened. But we are not saying that you should stay in the warmth of the cabin during the winter. Quite the opposite, really. With the right equipment and a little preparation, spending time outdoors in the winter is truly fantastic.

The road to winter can go via our activityguides. We have gathered instructional videos and tips in a comprehensive Winter Treks activity guide.

Just as we develop equipment that makes it easier and more comfortable to enjoy nature, we have put together a guidebook because we love winter. And we hope that we can inspire you to discover you own winter wonderland. You do not always need to go on a major trek that requires careful planning – the forest, lakes and mountains close by are waiting to be discovered. We promise that, in their winter attire, they will offer a completely different experience than the nature you encounter during other seasons of the year.

It is time to challenge your absolute zero. It is lower than you think.

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  1. Greenland Trousers

    Greenland Trousers

    Túrázáshoz és mindenfajta természetben végzett tevékenységhez alkalmas nadrág, kényelmes s...
    159,95 €
  2. Greenland Winter Jacket

    Greenland Winter Jacket

    Klasszkius dzseki meleg béléssel, mely éveken keresztül ellen fog állni az időjárásnak.6 ...
    309,95 €
  3. Greenland Down Jacket

    Greenland Down Jacket

    Klasszikus pehelykabát G-1000 anyagból rávarrt, a fejformát követő kapucnival. Csípőig érő...
    519,95 €
  4. Greenland Winter Parka W

    Greenland Winter Parka W

    Hosszú parka, tartós G-1000 Original anyagból, meleg, plüsskelme béléssel. Örökzöld konstr...
    389,95 €
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